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facial care products

Pure and natural New Zealand skin care ingredients that mean simply beautiful skin for you.

Skin Deep Creamy Cleanser

Skin Deep Creamy Cleanser - 150ml

This is formulated as a creamy lotion to gently and effectively cleanse the skin, removing all traces of makeup and impurities.

It leaves your skin feeling soft and PH balanced.


Skin Deep Exfoliating Granules

Skin Deep Exfoliating Granules - 75ml

With delightfully gentle granules to refine and remove impurities. Embellished with honey for delivering softness and radiance to your skin


Skin Deep Rejuvenating Cream

Skin Deep Rejuvenating Face Cream 75ml

This day cream improves smootheness and promotes health and vitality within your skin whilst nourishing and protecting with special selected ingredients.


Skin Deep Enriching Honey Cream

Skin Deep Enriching Honey Cream - 75ml

A unique blend of hydrating nourishment with a high manuka honey content to stimulate and restore the vitality of skin to enhance your natural radiance

Works well under face cream for day use


Skin Deep Honey Facial Mask

Skin Deep Honey Facial Mask - 75ml

As a night treatment or a quick boost for a stressed tired skin, this is the perfect product to increase hydration, tone and elasticity to your skin.

Natural ingredients work toward repairing UV damage and softening lines


Skin Deep Soft Lips Balm

Skin Deep Soft Lips - 4.5g

A natural lip balm with NZ Manuka Honey and Beeswax. Formulated to sooth, nourish and soften on application. It will moisten dry and chapped lips


Skin Deep Refreshing Mist

Skin Deep Refreshing Mist - 100ml

Gorgeous refrshing mist is designed to effectively hold the active benefits of the facial creams within the skin

It is also a great as a 'Wake me up' spritz in the morning or as a 'pick me up' spritz durng the day.


Skin Deep Nourishing Eye Cream

Skin Deep Nourishing Eye Cream

This eye cream will soothe, firm, hydrate, nourish and soften. It will also help reduce puffiness around the eyes.


body care products

Skin Deep Refreshing Wash

Skin Deep Refreshing Wash - 200ml

Leaves your skin feeling softer, refreshed and revitalised. Its gentle cleansing formula balances the PH of the skin and promotes healthy protection.

Can be used as a shampoo for sufferers of Psoriasis as it calms and controls irritation. This wash is gentle enough for faces yet strong enough for bodies.


Skin Deep Honey Body Moisturiser

Skin Deep Honey Body Moisturiser 200ml

Moisturiser leaves skin smooth, hydrated and protected with a delightful and uplifting fragrance. NZ Manuka, Kanuka and Lavender oils deliver daily skin protection while NZ Manuka Honey restores moisture balance.


Skin Deep Soothing Balm

Skin Deep Soothing Balm

Daubed the 'Speed Healer'. The fragrance is fresh and zesty and the product is a natural blend of actives that relieve stinging, itching, inflamed and infected skin. Small enough to fit conveniently into first aid kits, handbags, glove box and bathroom cupboard.

No home should be without this product!


Skin Deep Honey Body Butter

Skin Deep Honey Body Butter

Intensely hydrating and rebalancing Honey Body Butter protects and nourishes the skin.


Skin Deep Honey Aloe Skin Tonic

Skin Deep Honey Aloe Skin Tonic

Aloe Vera gel base containing a multi vitamin herbal complex with Manuka Honey to soften, hydrate and nourish a 'lack lustre' skin.

This gel contains a range of vitamins including Vitamin C. It is formulated especially to deliver vitamin absorbtion onto the skin in an Aloe gel base. As skin takes up vitamins this preparation is a true tonic, as well as a skin nourisher, with Manuka Honey delivering deep hydration.