Frequently Asked Questions

cancellation policy & running late

If you are running late or cannot keep an appointment, please call or text to let us know as soon as possible. If you are running 15 minutes or more late, it may be required to re-schedule. No shows and last minute cancellations may result in a charge.

what method of electrolysis do you use?

The method I use is a variation of the Blend method I was trained in, which uses equal amounts of High Frequency current and Direct Current. I use more High Frequency current, as this is most effective, with some Direct Current, which speeds up the treatment.
The reason I use this variation is most people find it less painful and there is less skin sensitivity after the treatment. The only downside to this treatment is that there is a slightly longer treatment time per hair, which is why I discuss the treatment with each client to see what works best for him or her as an individual.

why do you use and recommend the skin deep range of products?

Being a small clinic, we can only stock one or two ranges of skincare, and this made the selection really important. It is a naturally based range, with a real focus on natural, active ingredients that work for a broad range of skin types. It is made in New Zealand, from our own suppliers, and amazingly cost effective.